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Special Events

This recreational and career discovery option is offered through an summer program or throughout the school year. The summer option is purely recreational, however, students have the opportunity to visit employer sites and build money skills. Throughout the school year, students spend their senior year in the classroom and interning at a host business in preparation for employment beyond high school. 

VR Summer Program

Work Experience Program (W.E.P.)

Transitions    Youth Exploration for Success (Y.E.S.)

Special events are available for transition-aged youth around Northeast Missouri throughout various times of the year. The Youth Leadership Academy, for example, is a 2 to 3 day event hosted mid-summer that may focus on self-determination, money skills, or creating a pathway towards employment.

YES Transition services are integrated, community-oriented services for transition age youth and their families designed to offer a variety of experiences and opportunities to support future planning and promote smooth transition from school to work.  Experiences and opportunities, both early and often, are key to helping youth and young adults plan for their future in all areas of life (daily life, social and recreational, work and career, education and training, etc.). YES Transition services offer a variety of options to support youth in getting these types of experiences and opportunities throughout their high school years so that when graduation arrives they are more prepared to enter the adult world.

These experiences and opportunities are offered through a jointly planned approach, involving broad-based community collaboration, linkages, advocacy, and natural supports.  Transition planning involves early and active partnership with schools, families, businesses, and the community to create a vibrant YES program for youth and families in the area. 

For the VR summer option, LOQW partners with Vocational Rehabilitation and local businesses to host a paid work experience program. Youth earn minimum wage throughout their 20-hour work week.  This program is offered to Students going into their Junior and Senior years of High School.